Am I wasting My Time With Google?

by GuestPoster

Is Google A Waste Of Time?
Anybody who thinks that a company that offers them a free way of making money is scam or a waste of time is being a touch silly. Google is way too big of a company to be ripping people off and scamming them.

There is a simple solution if you want to make money on Google and that is to stay within the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the company.

There is absolutely no way anybody is going to outsmart Google by trying to short cut their system, they have way too many ways of tracking click, traffic to your website and keeping their own client secure.

You can make money on Google as long as you play fair. Many people will click their own Google Adverts for example and expect Google not to know about it. One or two times can constitute a mistake by the Publisher (you). Google will send you a nice polite email asking you to refrain from clicks and give you a warning. Obviously if the clicks continue from your IP and Computer (Yes they know your computer ID so proxy servers are out too), then you will get a permanent ban.

Submitting Your Website URL
Another thing people might tell you is that the Google Submit tool is a waste of time. This is a ridiculous notion, it might take a few weeks to get into the search engines but there are so many other reasons to submit your URL to Google.

Did I hear you right? “But I submitted yesterday and I am still not in the search engines!”

Of course not there are thousands even millions of Websites submitting to Google every day, so your Website needs some kind of priority? I think not!

Examples of Submission Reasons:
• Submitting your URL will eventually get you a Google Search Engine listing.

• Submitting your Website Sitemap with Google Webmaster helps even more.

• Google Webmaster helps you with Robots and Spiders, the ability for search engines to find you by providing you with a robots.txt file to place in your Root Directory.

• You get all kind of tools to track performance of your Website(s), and they are free!
So don’t for one second that Google are out to rip you off. If you have read reports of scams etc, then the chances are that many people have been caught out by Google trying to cheat the system. Obviously they read that Google owes them money when in fact the ‘Terms and Conditions’ clearly state that if you are caught being fraudulent or not abiding by the rules then Google will revoke all your earnings including valid clicks.

Give Google Submit, Adsense, Adwords and all their other applications a break… they are very good at giving you a money making facility.

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