Two Internet Marketing Tools for the New Year

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by Kevin

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.  Often I think too much and at times to my detriment.  I was reading an article the other day over at Smart Passive Income when I realized that my thoughts are my greatest ally, and my greatest enemy.  I have come up with some great ideas in my life, some that have been implemented and brought to market to great success…but not by me.  It’s because I over analyzed or over criticized to the point of not doing anything.  You see by not taking action, you act and by not deciding you have decided.  It is frustrating and I know we have all been there.  I believe it is our minds, our organization and the people we surround ourselves with that make all the difference and  lead to our success (which is relative by the way and for another topic on another day).  It’s the lack of action or indecision that will get us in trouble.  We have to continually stay focused and on task to attain our biggest goals.

I think it is important to remind everyone, as we go into the New Year, the importance of having the right mindset.  To be at the top of your game you have to KNOW that you will succeed and you must have a clue on how to get there.  Below I discuss  two tools that are instrumental to my success, as well as the success of many others.

The Mastermind Group

We have heard it said many times “Two heads are better than one,” and there is good reason for it.  Studies have shown that the people you associate with have a tremendous impact on your state of mind and success.  You begin taking on the persona of the group, the lifestyle, the income and the mindset.  We are just wired that way.  It is one answer I receive over and over when I ask successful people the one tool they cannot live without and that answer is – Mastermind Groups.  A Mastermind Group is a concept brought to us by Napolean Hill in the classic book “Think and Grow Rich”.  Hill states:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony”

And he continues…

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

A Mastermind Group in my terms is a group of like-minded individuals who work together toward a common goal – making “it” better – whatever “it” may be.  I have one Mastermind Group that I participate in that is for my Internet business that consists of a good friend of mine and me; just the two of us and it is one of the driving forces in my business.  It helps keep me focused, on task and on those bad days when nothing is working it gives me that little extra push.  This group isn’t highly structured or organized, it is more of two guys chatting on the phone but it is very effective.  I have plans to join two more groups in the New Year that will be more traditional, they will have the accountability structures and such associated with them so that everyone stays on track and receives the benefits of the meetings.  These meetings will give you the opportunity to have objective feedback, brainstorming sessions for new ideas and accountability for your goals.  I really can’t say enough on the importance of a good Mastermind Group.  The effect of a meeting with like minded individuals who are all focused on the same thing is a very powerful tool and if you are not in a group, GET IN ONE TODAY!

Mind Maps

Mind maps are a graphical method of taking notes.  Simple huh?  Well, not quite.  Mind maps can be a complex hierarchical structure that branches out from a key word or idea into many complex subsections.  They are extremely helpful in brainstorming and problem solving and I really haven’t found anything that couldn’t benefit from a good mind map.

Generally, a mind map starts with a key word, phrase or idea in a circle in the center of the page.  As ideas and points come up, branches are used to create subsections that include ideas, keywords or phrases that could again be branched out to create additional subsections…and it can go on, and on, and on.  Here is the mind map I used for this article:

I use two pieces of software for mind mapping, one is free and online and the other is a desktop application.

I must admit that it was difficult to get started with mind maps.  I would forget to use them or when I did, it was confusing.  I persevered and now I cannot imagine what I would do without them.  I wish someone had turned me on to them when I was younger, I would be amazing by now!  They really are a great tool so go to, sign up and get started today!

So, in case you missed the calls to action above – get a mastermind group and get mind maps.  These two things alone, if done properly, will keep you focused and on task more than any other tools that I know.  I plan to have them at the top of my list and I hope you will join me in my quest for focus and success in the New Year.  I would like to wish everyone a great holiday season and lets all strive to make 2010 the best year yet.  Keep coming back to Internet Tool Time for all your Internet Marketing Tool needs and I look forward to helping you create success in your Internet business.

If you have had experience with mastermind groups or mind maps, leave your comments below.

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