What Can I Not Do With Google Adsense?

by GuestPoster

Cutting Corners
Understanding Google Adsense can be complicated for some, although inexperience of technology can really catch up with others.

What does inexperience of technology actually mean?

Well for what of a better word, ‘fraud’ is what is meant. Many webmasters jumping onto the internet for the first time, or just blindly trying to beat the Google Adsense ‘Terms and Conditions’ really do not know what they are up against in one of the world’s richest companies. Google as a company have excellent technical know how and brilliant script writers that make all those ads tick.

So anybody who thinks they can hack, crack or break the Google TOS to benefit themselves is sadly mistaken. In fact Google might even let you get away with it for a few months, then sink you like a stone in water by taking all those earning away from you. Just when you thought it was on the cards for a payment!

There is only one way of making money on Google Adsense and that is to play fair and be honest. You might get one chance if you are lucky from Google but you won’t get a second. They also do not have to oblige you with an answer if you try to question the problem the second time you are caught being wrongful.

Genuine Concerns Will Be Answered
There are two ways of effectively getting an answer if you have a genuine problem with Google Adsense, and they are contacting Google directly via email (yes it can be done), and through the many experienced Adsense users in the Help Forum.

• Help Forum: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdSense?hl=en

• Contact Google: You need to scroll down to the Account Settings, Payments, policy Violations at this link: https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/request.py?contact_type=contact_policy then email the relevant contact source.

To answer any genuine concerns it may take some time, so if you can locate the problem you have and address it in the Help forum it will be much quicker. You have to remember Google are not being awkward by putting you in a queue for a week or more, they are just very busy so patience is needed.

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