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Every modern business needs to have a reliable electronic document storage software for managing and safekeeping their data. Businesses may have thousands of contacts with customers on a daily or even hourly basis, and having quick access to organized information to make decisions, is vital.

There are numerous software solutions available that are up to the task, and whether the solution is web-based or server-based, all the companies below have one goal in mind: To manage your electronic documents so well that you will never take your business anywhere else.

‘Document Control’ software by Intelex provides a remote solution for electronic document storage. The information is securely accessed by a website portal, and because it is web-based, there is no limit to the information clients can manage.

IBM ECM focuses on delivering superior speed of access to stored content, and the ECM has improved the use and application to business functions; in other words, the information is available without interruption, regardless of how many departments are accessing this same information at once.

Imperial Software offers a build-to-suit solution for businesses called EZ Doc Filer.

EZ Doc electronic document storage software will work with the businesses databases to create storage, and sorting of data archives that can be searched speed and efficiency. One of the many advantages of EZ filer is the software’s ability to adapt to any industry.

When deciding on an electronic document storage solution, most businesses will benefit from the following features:

-Reducing or eliminating a storage facility.
-Easy access to documents and ability to use custom search queries.
-Document loss prevention
-Ability to scan documents without special copiers.
-Compliant with the regulations of HIPAA

The electronic document storage software chosen for a business should reduce the time spent looking for and reviewing documents, copying documents, and organizing them into the database. Using electronic document storage should also free up space taken by paper documents, and reduce costs associated with off-site storage.

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