Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate And ClickBank

by GuestPoster

If you are interested in making money online by selling ClickBank products, you’re not alone.  Clickbank is one of the first choices for people who are trying to get started making money through affiliate program because they have such an open affiliate program and they also pay out very high commissions.

Basically, the way ClickBank works is that they sell digital products, like ebooks or software or memberships.  When you sign up with them you will get a special “hoplink” which is a link that contains code that is unique to you.  This way, if anyone clicks on your link and then makes a purchase, the system will know that it originated from you and you will make a commission.

A lot of people are not successful at making money promoting ClickBank products, and this is for several reasons.  One is that they don’t know how to choose quality products, and another is that they don’t know how to promote the products well.  Wealthy Affiliate helps out in both of these areas.

With regards to the first problem, Wealthy Affiliate has a special Clickbank research tool which gives you a lot of information about the different ClickBank products that you can promote.  One of the things that you can see is what the refund rate is.  This is important because if the refund rate is high, that is a sign that it is not a quality product that people are happy with, and you won’t be able to make very much money from it.

Another way that Wealthy Affiliate University helps is that they teach you how to promote affiliate products.  It’s not enough to just slap up a banner onto your site and expect sales to follow.  You really have to wrote a product review explaining the pros and cons of a product and why it would be a good thing to buy, and WA teaches you how to do that well.

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