AdSense Is A Program That Lets You Make Money With Google

by GuestPoster

If you’ve got a website, then you’d probably rather be making money on that website.  Am I right?  With Google’s new programs, you can learn to make money online, whether or not your website is designed to bring in revenue.

Google’s AdSense program is designed for those sites that aren’t really in the business realm yet.  This means, in layman’s terms, that your site really isn’t buying or selling anything.  It’s just sitting there, attracting viewers.  AdSense is a program that lets you make money Google makes through advertising.  Google uses some of your site space to post their clients’ advertisements, and they’ll pay you a cut of the profit they make from these clients.  This means that every time one of your viewers clicks on an ad, you’ll get some money for it.  And, since Google matches its ads to the site content, you won’t end up with irritating, irrelevant ads all over your site.  Every ad will pertain in some way to your website.

The AdWords program is Google’s core advertising program.  This is how to get onto the other side of the AdSense equation, as a paying client.  For a pay-per-click fee, you can post your ads through Google, who will match them to relevant search queries and bring up your name and link with matching search result pages.  You can’t find a better target audience – these are the people who are already searching for you!  And, since Google wants to make more money, they’ll be better motivated to get more effective ads for you.  They’ll spread your ad not only on their own pages, but on the individual pages of AdSense users, and you only have to pay for the ads that somebody clicks on.

So whether you’ve got a thriving online business, or you’re just started in the online money-making business, Google can help you get started.

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