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by Kevin

It occurred to me that it might be helpful to give everyone my criteria for evaluating an email marketing service, otherwise I’m the only one who knows what I consider necessary.  I have outlined below, in order of importance,  the categories and definitions that I feel are necessary for an effective email marketing service. The list will give us something to refer back to in case there is ever any questions.  Please note they are listed in order of importance.

Email Campaigns
The services should include a WYSIWYG or html editor that can handle the various pieces of content email marketers deem necessary, including images, tables and links.

“The List”
Creating and maintaining contact lists are imperative to a good email campaign and internet marketing. Email services must provide the ability to develop, manage and maintain “the list”.

Evaluating the effectiveness of email campaigns is mandatory for maximizing profits and that is why reporting is an important aspect of any email marketing service.

Since email marketing is a primary tool for Internet businesses to add to their bottom line, it’s important that any email service provide fast, effective support to aid its customers if issues do occur.

User Friendly
Email marketing services that are difficult to navigate and understand only bring about frustration and angst. We will rate the email services based on their ability to deliver services for beginners as well as advanced marketers.

I think that about covers email marketing from my perspective. The reviews on Internet Tool Time are here to provide the information you need to make valid decisions on products without spending your money up front. If you have suggestions for additional categories, features or changes to my philosophy comment below and let me know what you think.

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