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Internet Tool Time is my personal blog about the methods, strategies and tools of Internet marketing.  I became interested in making money on the Internet many years ago but it wasn’t until recently that I got serious about it.  I was talking with a good friend of mine, the creator of SocialPaint.com, about our families, our jobs and our futures and he was telling me about an Internet marketing course he had recently enrolled.  The discussion inevitably led to the opportunities and freedom that an Internet business could provide and the next day I started my own research.

I thought that my 14-year Information Technology career would give me an advantage but I soon realized that I had a lot to learn.  I could handle the technical pieces easy enough but I needed help with the why’s and how’s.  What I wanted to find was a no nonsense approach to Internet marketing, something or someone that could easily explain the tools and techniques without getting caught up in the “Get My New System and Make a Zillion Dollars!!” products that seem to flourish in this field.  After many questions, a lot of research and a few references, I was able to find what I needed do the job efficiently and effectively.  I decided then that I wanted to help others through the Internet marketing maze and Internet Tool time was born.

This website is here to provide a “one stop shop” for the methods, strategies and tools that will help others build their Internet empires.  Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions that you may have.  Thanks for reading my blog and I look forward to providing whatever service I can to the Internet marketing community.


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